Rise Retreats

Support a Woman to attend a Retreat

Rise Retreats are aware that there may be women who are in your community or church that would love to attend a Rise Retreat but due to their financial or social circumstances don’t have the means to participate.

We want to encourage you to ask us about our scholarship program and how we can assist you in supporting someone to attend one of our events in your area.

Scholarships Program

  • Full or partial financial assistance to attend a Rise Retreat
  • Assistance with transport or other special needs

Nominate a woman to attend a Rise Retreat or donate to support a scholarship placement by emailing Lauren Harkness at info@riseretreats.com.au.

A love note from Zoe

Thanks very much for a lovely day of rest. Your hospitality was amazing and I can see all the effort put in.
Also the food was delish and had all the beautiful touches.