Rise Retreats

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Rise Tribe monthly payments work?

A payment will be automatically processed on the first of each month after signing up for the Rise Tribe monthly membership. 

I’m 16 years old, can I be a part of this Rise Tribe community?

We would love to welcome you to the Rise Tribe soon… just not yet. When you turn 18 you sure can! Although this is a community for ALL women, we do want to make it a safe space where adults can freely share about anything and receive support towards their growth.

If I don’t use Facebook, how do I stay connected to the Rise Tribe?

Facebook will be the means for a large part of communication within the Rise Tribe community, but we will still have gatherings and retreats (both online and in person, whenever we are able) and plenty of online calls for you to join in on. We do encourage connecting through Facebook, even if it means creating an account for the sole purpose of joining the group.

Can I register the Rise Tribe at anytime?

Yes absolutely! Access to ALL resources for ANY month will always be available, so you won’t miss out.

Can I pause or cancel my Rise Tribe membership?

We would be sad to see you leave the Tribe, but we certainly understand there are reasons why you might need to step away for a time. If you’ve subscribed to the Rise Tribe monthly payment plan you may pause or cancel at any time, but you must do so before the beginning of a new month to avoid another charge. Reach out to us here if you have any more questions.

What kind of topics and themes will be discussed in the Rise Tribe or Rise Retreats?

All different kinds! We acknowledge that all varieties of women are in distinct seasons of life, so everything we offer will fall under a myriad of topics to serve your holistic growth in Christ. Our monthly retreats will touch upon themes including Stillness, Abide, Breath, Courage, Silence and more.

I would LOVE to be a part of this ministry in a deeper capacity! How can I volunteer?

Amazing! We would love to have you. We will be creating opportunities for women as Rise Ambassadors to grow their gifts, leadership skills, and ministry callings. This will happen through leading gatherings, workshops and retreats in their community. In return – you’ll gain a discount off your membership for the months you serve alongside us plus a hamper of Ambassador goodies! Contact us if you would like to apply for a role as a Rise Ambassador – we’d love to chat to you!