Rise Retreats

Destination Retreat

A Rise Retreat is an invitation to stop the madness and the noise, for a moment. It is an invitation to slow down, quieten the spirit, and tune into the still, small voice of God, whispering to us by name, reminding us who we are and who God is.

When you attend a Rise Destination Retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to experience some of our signature retreat offerings.

These can include exploring a variety of Rise Rest Stops, art workshops, guided walks, cooking classes, or joining in Christian-centred guided meditation and stretch classes.

You’ll have the chance to explore new depths through engaging in spiritual practices led by our wonderful facilitators.

You may possibly learn how to create a mandala as a form of prayer and meditation or walk a labyrinth. 

A relaxed time of feasting around the table is a special part of each Rise Retreat, and our team is passionate about working with local producers and caterers to create a wholesome, delicious menu that will leave you feeling nourished inside and out.

Our Destination Retreats are currently held in various locations around Australia. 

We are committed to creating an intimate experience for our Destination Retreats. To allow for each participant to feel they have plenty of space to disconnect, we limit our numbers of participants per retreat venue. You are welcome to enquire about the number of participants when you make the reservation. 

We are proud to partner with some beautiful accommodation properties across Australia. These venues are selected for their passion for quality service, care for their guests, relaxed environment and delicious catering!

Each retreat is hand crafted with you in mind

Returning Soon!

We are in the final stages of creating our next series of beautiful Destination Retreats for end of 2020 and early 2021.

We would like to invite you to register your interest TODAY to attend one of our upcoming Destination Retreats, to avoid missing out. By registering here we will notify you FIRST of the dates, spectacular locations and retreat hosts.

A love note from Bronwen

Such a breath of fresh air! The Lord spoke deep and with clear confirmation. He’s so faithful.
Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to His call.