Christian Meditation and You

Christian Meditation and You

By Guest Blogger Eveleyn Le Pavoux

Meditation is found in all religious traditions, and in Christianity it is the heart of the contemplative teaching of Jesus on prayer.  As Christians we are called to spend time in worship, to bring our worries to God in prayer and spend time in communion with Jesus. How does this look in a busy, modern world?Christian Meditation and You

For me the juggle of work, kids, marriage and just everyday life forces me to heavily schedule what used to be a very free and easy, happy-go-lucky lifestyle. What time is left for God? For prayer and reflection, let alone meditation?

Brace yourself: I multitask.

The idea of multitasking is possibly the furthest from your mind when you think of meditation, but as a mother the juggle is where it’s at for me.

I know I’m not the only one who prays to God while driving my car, brushing my teeth or taking those first sneaky bites of my dinner while standing up, famished in the kitchen at the end of a long day.

Well, my meditation is pretty similar.

For me, it’s about getting out of my thinking and analysing brain, and into my feeling and sensing brain. It’s where I close my eyes and slow down my breath while cradling a hot cup of coffee in my hands. It’s where I soak in the luxury of washing my hair late at night after a week of dry shampoo. It’s when I purposefully choose to not be impatient when my browser is taking a lifetime to load and instead, I choose to appreciate a short moment of quiet and stillness. It’s when I’m patting my baby when she insists on having me close by as she drifts to sleep. It’s when I stretch and hold long poses that bring calm and focus.

These are my moments of meditation, and my meditation is on Jesus.

Evelyn Le Pavoux is a RYT 500 qualified and experienced Yoga and Meditation Teacher based in Sydney.   She is known for her calming and centring teaching style and encourages her students to create stillness in their own hearts and minds in order to connect and reconnect to their faith or calling. “I find that it is when I am still, and the constant dialogue in my mind is put to the side, that is when God is most clear” – a practice also known as Christian Meditation.


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