Beholding the beauty in our everyday.

Reflection by Rise Team member, Amanda Hallihan

Have you got your life together right now?

I know I certainly have not!

Washing to fold, dishes to put away, and piles of paperwork, that never seems to end.

Taking this photo I cringed at the realness of it all.

Do I really want people to see this side of me?

Normally we hide behind the filters and perfectly compose our photos to block out the mess.

We all do it. Even the most perfect house keepers among us push mess to the side and wipe down the counter tops before taking the perfect shiny photos we see on Instagram everyday.  What is it about real life that makes us want to hide? To pretend we’ve got it all together, as if our life was as pretty as the picture we post on social media?

I for one am a bit sick of hiding.

I’d prefer to speak what’s on my mind, and reveal what’s on my heart even if it’s not going to make everybody smile.

Truth tellers. Let’s behold the beauty in our everyday lives without feeling we have to hide.

Let’s stop feeling like we have to have it all together before we can show our faces to the world.

We don’t do that when we go to the shops, or go to the gym, or go to the park with our kids (well I don’t anyway!).

I’d prefer to paint a real picture: dirty tissues and messy laundry and all.

So that the others out there who also don’t have it all together don’t feel so alone.

Sure, we might not have the prettiest feed. But come on, let’s be real.

Let’s share real life, messiness and all.  So that others in this world feel like they can do the same.

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