Rise Retreats

Our Story

In the still, quiet rainforest, whilst in a small log chapel in the Southern Highlands, Rise Retreats Founder, Lauren Harkness heard a whisper from God. 

In this whisper, was a call to create a series of retreats for women which would feed the whole person, both nourishing and fulfilling faith as well as mind and body. Each retreat would be an opportunity to be with God and to reignite that spark for life which can burn out when we are so busy, and give so much without replenishing ourselves spiritually and physically.

“Rise was created during a time where I was longing for a retreat. In the busyness of juggling family and business, I searched for a place of spiritual refreshment. I yearned for a place of rest and ‘time out’ and a little bit of pampering!  There are a lot of alternate wellness retreats but Rise offers something more, it offers connection with God.”

We are passionate about you.

Each retreat and resource is created for you. Each detail is carefully curated by our team within these three elements;


You are welcome here.
You are loved.
You may be in a season of struggle, or a season of joy; come and nurture and enrich your life with our community.


Rise Retreats is an invitation to slow down, quieten the spirit, and tune in to the still, small voice of God.
God whispers to us by name, reminding us who we are and who God is.
Come. Be still. Pray.


Rise Retreats offer times of feasting around the table and resting in comfortable accommodations. 
You will be nourished with a wholesome spread and cared for by an experienced team of hosts.

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A little note from Rev Joy

"This retreat came just at the perfect time for me as am immersed in the (beautiful) chaos of change; moving, packing and getting ordained! It was just the stillness and time out I needed to replenish and come close to God as she came close to me.
With love and thanks"