Rise Retreats

Lauren Harkness

Founder + Creative Director

We are so glad you have found this space.
A space of love.
A space of connection.
A space to be nourished.
A space to meet God.
A space to rest, to be still.
A space where you are loved as you are.
A space to feel safe.
A space to move your body.
A space to centre your mind on God.

Rise was created during a time where I was longing for a retreat. In the busyness of juggling family and business, I searched for a place of spiritual refreshment. I yearned for a place of rest and ‘time out’ and a little bit of pampering!  There are a lot of alternate wellness retreats but Rise offers something more, it offers connection with God.”

An Event Planner by profession, Lauren brings the skills and experience of a successful 15-year career managing to every aspect of Rise Retreats. Lauren also owns a successful event business Rise Events which creates a space of connection for women in small business to grow personally and professionally. 

Transparent, warm, efficient, and friendly, Lauren enjoys creating each retreat space to ensure the needs of all participants are catered to, and that the retreat delivers the kind of soul-stirring, restorative experience which she herself originally sought to find.

We pray you feel a peace in this day and you will join us in the journey.

Heartfelt blessings,

Lauren Harkness
Founder + Director, Rise Retreats

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