A Space to Flourish – Our Wellness Retreats and You

Wellness Retreats

Sometimes we all need a space to flourish and our wellness retreats are specifically designed to give you that time and place to get back to being you, to connect with Jesus, and get away from the pressures and distractions of regular life.  Wellness Retreats

We were thrilled late last year to be interviewed by Insights, the official magazine of the Synod of NSW & ACT of the Uniting Church in Australia, on the topic of how exactly we go about creating that space, and why we feel that it’s so important – now, more than ever.

We chatted with Adrian Drayton from Insights about why our retreats are different, and how reaching out to a like-minded woman in the United States helped to kick off the whole dream…

“Words like wellness, mindfulness and meditation are bandied around a lot these days and it’s often hard to pin down exactly what and how to achieve wellbeing and what that means for us as Christians.

Noticing a gap in the wellness industry is what has convicted Lauren Harkness to create a series of retreats for women that focusses on their Christian life as well as their mind and body.

Lauren is an event planner by trade, and while she was seeking something to recharge herself, she discovered that there really isn’t anything that has been specifically tailored for Christians.

So came the idea for Rise, a series of retreats specifically tailored to the needs of Christians….”


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